Milo is a small yet robust coffee table made of recycled waste wood offcuts and unwanted old fitted furniture pulled out of peoples houses by furniture designer Tristan Titeux.

Tristan’s company makes furniture out of large sheets of wood material, and there are always waste offcuts that are too small to use for anything. These are ideal for making Milo tables because the table is designed so that only small pieces of wood are needed. 

“This is where the design came from. I let the material dictate the look rather than the other way around but I put as much effort into the look, of course,” he explains. “When we go and fit the furniture we also sometimes take out old furniture that we also re-cut to make the Milo tables, and when I am out and about and I see a nice bit of wood discarded I bring it back to add more variety, it’s like a treasure hunt.”

The table is a cubic shape and each one is totally unique, although the basic size and design stays the same, the order of materials you see are always different depending on what materials they have and on the mood of the particular crafts person’s mood at the time.

New England helped promote the Milo table by art directing two photo shoots - a workshop construction story and a lifestyle shoot. We then used the images to make create an A6 trifold mini-brochure, as featured.