We work with a number of accomplished professional photographers to create stunning imagery for our clients in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors.


In the studio you have optimal control. You can make a detailed study of a subject. Close-up photography is particularly effective, as with this story about a Savoy pastry chef making a delicious white chocolate mousse dessert for a project called Chef Taster.


There are more logistical variables with a location shoot, for instance, weather conditions, transportation, models and props all need to be considered. Preparation is key - as was the case with this dusk-to-dawn photo shoot for an independent Mini car dealership in Bristol.


It is a great help to a photographer if they can primarily concentrate on their kit, the light and image composition whilst the art director takes care of engaging with the subject of the story. In this case, interacting with the inspirational Para-Olympic athlete Karen Darke during an arduous training session in the Scottish Highlands.

β€œIt is always enjoyable to work with Andy, as he has a strong vision on where he wants to take the brand.
He always impresses me with the level of research and the presentations he produces for his clients, so we all know what we are working towards. You know exactly what you get with Andy - nothing less than excellence!”

Marte Lundby Rekaa Food & Interior Photographer